Modern Foreign Languages

Our curriculum is heavily directed to the development of students' confidence, self-efficacy, strong and durable retention of language, independence and autonomy. Through the three key pillars of phonology, vocabulary and grammar, students will gain a strong linguistic knowledge which enables them to converse and pronounce new words confidently and competently, as well as reinforce literacy skills from their first language.

All students learn French in Year 7, and then add either German or Spanish in Year 8. 

Students will learn how to manipulate grammar to allow them to personalise information and retain core phrases that they can recycle in real-life situations. The content studied will be regularly revisited and practised to ensure progress and retention.

By consistently planning to address misconceptions before they arise, and by planning vibrant, engaging and purposeful lessons, the MFL department will promote a real love of language learning, with the ultimate aim of increasing uptake at KS4. 

We are committed to ensuring that, by the end of KS3, students will understand what it means to be a linguist. They will have a curiosity and willingness to discover the world and its people, as well as having an intention to travel in order to deepen their understanding of different cultures and societies. 

Students will leave Hampton High with the knowledge and understanding that enables them to apply what they know to both familiar and unfamiliar contexts, from family life to ethical issues and the world of work. This will allow them to go on to achieve their potential, not just at GCSE and A Level, but also as global citizens. The invaluable communication skills and creativity developed through learning one or more foreign language will continue to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures on a local, national and international level.

Spanish Curriculum Plan 2023French Curriculum Plan 2023German Curriculum Plan 2023Edexcel GCSE Spanish Specification

Edexcel GCSE French Specification

Edexcel GCSE German Specification

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