Curriculum Overview

At Hampton High we are committed to ensuring that students master the core subjects and enjoy a broad, balanced and scholarly curriculum. 

We have created a curriculum that creates successful learners who enjoy learning, make good progress and who thrive in life beyond Hampton High. Our students are confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. Under our stewardship and with the support of the school community, they become responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to society. 

Our intent is to implement a curriculum that creates an aspirational high achievement culture to enable our students to make ambitious choices at 16. We continually strive to take into account individual needs and starting points, whilst building self-confidence and respect which allows everyone to experience success.

Key Stage 3 - Years 7, 8 and 9  

In Key Stage 3, students complete a three-year foundation course which gives them a broad, balanced education over a wide range of subjects. In the first term of Year 9, students are encouraged to begin to think about their GCSE pathways and subjects they would like to pursue. Initial pathway choices are made in February, with an opportunity to refine and finalise those by the end of the Spring term. We always aim to start the GCSE pathways for Year 9 in the second half of the Summer term.

Key Stage 4 - Years 10 and 11 

in Key Stage 4, students have two years to study their GCSE pathway which means they can cover the content and depth required.  There are some subjects that are compulsory and these are contained in the core block.  Core subjects are: English, Mathematics and Science. 

The remainder of curriculum time is individual and personalised; students get four option choices.  Pathways subjects are reviewed each year depending on the interest and ability of the year group but includes Business Studies, Dance, Drama, Art and Design, Food Technology, Geography, Media, History, RS, French, German and Spanish. As a school we are not constrained by this curriculum, but will always make sure that students are fully prepared for the skills and knowledge they will need in order to succeed at Key Stage 4.  


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