School attendance is central to raising standards in education and ensuring all pupils can fulfil their potential. Students need to attend school regularly to benefit from their education. Missing out on lessons leaves children vulnerable to falling behind. Children with poor attendance tend to achieve less well in both primary and secondary school. 

We ask families to perform their legal duty by ensuring their children of compulsory school age who are registered at school, attend regularly and are punctual to their lessons. 

If your child is ill, please call 

The following link gives useful information about when your child should stay off school:

NHS - live-well

Absent from school without authorisation 

If the school is not satisfied with the reason given for absence, or no reason is given, they should record it as unauthorised. 

Children Missing from Education (CME)

Children who do not arrive at school, there is no explanation for their absence, and/or there is concern about their whereabouts will be monitored using the following flowchart.

Children Missing from Education (CME) Flow Chart

Arrived in school after registration closed 

 Lessons start at 8.45 am and a late arrival to school means that students are missing out on learning. We contact families of students who are arrive late to school. Any student arriving after 8.45 am will sit a late detention after school on the same day. In the rare instances of repeated lateness over time, we work with families to identify and remedy the underlying reasons for this.  

Holiday authorised by the school 

The Headteacher will not grant a leave of absence unless there are exceptional circumstances. The application must be made in advance in writing, and the Headteacher must be satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances based on the individual facts and circumstances of the case which warrant the leave.

Illness (not medical or dental appointments)

The school asks families to notify them on the first day the child is unable to attend due to illness. We will authorise absences due to illness unless the school has a genuine cause for concern about the veracity of an illness. If the authenticity of illness is in doubt, we can request parents to provide medical evidence to support illness. 

Medical or dental appointments

Missing registration for a medical or dental appointment is counted as an authorised absence. However, we encourage parents to make appointments out of school hours. Where this is not possible, the student should only be out of school for the minimum amount of time necessary for the appointment.

Religious observance 

We will treat absence as authorised when it is due to religious observance. The day must be exclusively set apart for religious observance by the religious body to which the family belongs. 



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