Specialist Resource Provision

The SRP is our Specialist Resource Provision which is a dedicated unit specifically, for students with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), and mild to moderate associated learning needs.

In September 2021 the SRP opened its doors to 4 students initially. Over the coming years there will be an incremental intake of 4 students each September - up to a total of 20 students (by September 2025). The opening of the SRP is a culmination of hard work and determination for all the staff involved. It exemplifies our vision that all children matter, and that we want to support all of our students to access the right education for them.

The vision of the SRP

· To be an integral part of our school and a centre of excellence for children with autism and children on the autistic spectrum who, with support, can access opportunities in mainstream education.

· To be a base where children with autism and children on the autistic spectrum are supported to learn strategies to overcome their lifelong, neuro developmental disability. Focusing on communicating and interacting with and relating to others, and experiencing the diverse, real world around them.

· To be an inspirational beacon of inclusion and equity.

The SRP aims to provide

· An additional facility where learning is developmental and visible and children are nurtured and safeguarded. The Hampton High SRP includes two classrooms, a sensory room, two therapy rooms (for group and 1:1 sessions) and a break room to be used as a safe area during social times.

· A rigorous assessment system to ensure pupils are in the right place at the right time so that no pupil falls behind.

· A learning community where pupils, families and staff collaborate to refine practice, e.g. sharing ASC friendly approaches and coping strategies, and develop positive and rewarding relationships.

· Access for all students to their mainstream classes, as much as possible and depending on the needs of each student, to inspire their future aspirations.

· Access to a broad and balanced curriculum which helps to develop their communication and interaction skills.

· Support to cope with social, emotional and mental health issues such as anxiety e.g. by developing self-regulation through access to ELSA and Social Skills groups.

· Participation opportunites in physical and sensory activities and develop happiness, health and wellbeing.

A message from Cllr Penny Frost, Chair of the Education and Children’s Services Committee at Richmond Council:

"We are delighted to have worked with Hampton High to create this important new facility. This has meant the school can help meet the increased demand for specialist school places, reducing the need for children to be educated in

independent educational settings outside of the borough and further away from home.

Specialist Resource Provisions provide targeted support to enable young people to make progress and continue to access the mainstream curriculum while getting the extra support that they may need.

The school’s welcoming ethos of inclusion and support for children and young people is second to none."

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