Please read the below whilst referencing our Uniform Policy

All students must wear the full school uniform every day. The uniform consists of a grey blazer with school badge, grey tailored trousers (no skinny trousers) or school skirt, white shirt, school jumper (optional), tie and completely black leather shoes (no trainers). All items of school uniform including full PE kit are available from Stevensons and School Bells, our uniform stockist, who know exactly what is needed. If your child comes to school incorrectly dressed, please refer to our behaviour policy.

Stevensons Website

School Bells website

Please note that: 

  • Personal jewellery is not allowed, except for a single set of stud earrings 
  • No facial piercings are allowed. This includes nose, eyebrows, tongue and around the lips 
  • Nail varnish is not allowed 
  • False nails are not allowed 
  • Light make-up can be worn, but any that is deemed to be excessive will have to be removed 
  • Hoodies are not allowed 
  • Top buttons and ties must be done up and the length of the school tie must allow it to sit just above the child’s waistband 
  • Hair can only be dyed to reflect natural colours 
  • Necklaces cannot be on public display 
  • Trousers must be tailored; 'skinny' style is not permitted 
  • School coats must be a dark colour and without large logos 
  • A blazer must be worn at all times 
  • Mobile phones are not permitted for use within the school at any time
  • Uniform regulations apply on journeys to and from school and on school trips, unless otherwise advised.


All items of clothing (including bags) must be clearly marked with the student's full name.  Sew-on labels are preferable to iron-on labels and black permanent markers may be used but names should be written large and clear. 

School Shoes:

School shoes should be black, flat and logo-free. The style should be traditional, avoiding the appearance of a trainer. Some specific styles that are not permitted: 

  • Styles that appear to be more like sports trainers than professional black shoes. 
  • Boots or ankle boots. 
  • Suede shoes. 
  • Styles that have more than one Velcro-fastener. 
  • Styles with obvious logos or branding. 
  • Elaborate buckles, decorations or patterns. 
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