We believe it is important to give our students the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills. Everyone can get involved and take part, opportunities for leadership start in Year 7 and continue throughout the school. As students’ progress through school, they will have the opportunity to: 

  • Sit on interview panels for new staff 
  • Coach others, including primary school children 
  • Represent school as match officials, in a range of sport and fitness activities 
  • Become prefects and Head Boy or Head Girl 
  • Attend leadership programmes and training 
  • Lead year group and younger students 

We also have a School Council which listens to and represents the views of all students in our school. The Hampton High School Council makes a significant contribution to improving the overall achievement of students and ensuring they have a rich, varied and enjoyable experience while they are here and that they are given the opportunity to express themselves, formulate arguments, represent the views of others and feedback to their peers.  

Our Vision 

In recent years the members of the Student Council have discussed and agreed on the values which reflect their vision:- 

  • We are supportive 
  • We are loyal 
  • We are trustworthy 
  • We are helpful 
  • We are constructive 
  • We are determined 
  • We are friendly 
  • We are here together 
  • We are listening 

All of the above link to the whole school values of Aspiration, Resilience, Respect and Collaboration.

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