Art, Design & Technology

Through the Art and Technology curriculum, students get actively involved in their learning, working creatively with a range of tools and materials. They develop a sense of curiosity and desire to understand how they can construct and create through the exploration of food, textiles, art and graphics.

In Food Technology, students become confident when carrying out a range of challenging practical cookery skills, leading to greater independence in later years, as well as building a sound understanding of the nutritional and scientific function of food and how it supports a healthy life style.

Art and Textiles teach students to see, interpret and express ideas using the formal elements of colour, line, form, pattern, shape, tone and texture, to create imaginative and visual 2D and 3D structures.  Students are encouraged to consider the impact these have on the world around us.

All three subjects enrich students' experience of life and encourage self-expression; instant results can be achieved in one lesson leading to a sense of achievement and success. Pupils are widely encouraged to make critical decisions about their own work by being inquisitive, taking risks and making mistakes.  Resilience is built on through problem solving in all areas and individual identity and cultural diversity is encouraged in all work.

Art Curriculum Overview

Food Technology Curriculum OverviewKey Stage 3 Textiles Curriculum OverviewQA GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition Specification

Edexcel GCSE Art & Design Specification

Key Stage 4 Year 10 Food Preparation and Nutrition

Key Stage 4 Year 11 Food Preparation and Nutrition

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