Our spiral curriculum enables students to be taught the foundations first, whilst providing the freedom to explore our broad subject in greater depth. We acknowledge that science is one of the oldest and most respected academic disciplines, and covers a wide variety of skills and content.

At the start of their scientific study,  students become equipped with a foundational skill set in laboratory techniques and data handling to ensure that all students are on a level playing field when they join us, as many have never been in a science laboratory before secondary school.  

From here schemes of work are designed to ignite students’ curiosity about the world around them with practical investigations, research projects and debates.  Additionally, exploring scientific theories is at the heart of the scientific process we utilise. Studying the Sciences enables our learners to develop their mathematical and investigative skills, using the knowledge and skills from many other subjects in its cross-curricular links. Developing these skills prepares students for a range of future careers. Students understand that a qualification in any science is highly respected, leading to a wider and global choice of job opportunities.

Science Curriculum Map

AQA GCSE Biology Specification

AQA GCSE Chemistry Specification

AQA GCSE Physics Specification

AQA GCSE Combined Science Triology Spcification

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