Students deserve a creative and ambitious maths curriculum, which ignites curiosity and prepares them well for everyday life and future employment.

Using a spiral model, the purpose of our Key Stage 3 curriculum is to inspire students, secure strong academic outcomes and to drive learners to think and work independently with a powerful sense of curiosity. Students will develop mathematical fluency and confidence because they are supported by a challenging curriculum that gives abundant opportunities to master their knowledge and understanding so that they can analyse, evaluate, make judgements and justify their reasoning.

During Key Stage 4, students extend their knowledge, skills and understanding. A fundamental aim is to enable pupils to apply their knowledge logically. They see more challenging questions related to a wide variety of contexts and mature in their ability to reason mathematically.

We want our students to not be afraid of making mistakes in the classroom. Making mistakes is a crucial part of learning, and we praise effort as much as success. By developing a culture of growth mindset our students do not feel daunted by complex problems.  Instead our students have a deep, long term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject.

Maths Curriculum Plan

Edexcel GCSE Mathematics Specification

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