Business, Enterprise and Digital Learning

Business Studies 

Our curriculum aims to inspire our students to have successful careers in their chosen business profession. Throughout the course, students will study a range of theories and business models in depth and explore how these apply in real world situations. Students will enhance their future employability by applying their knowledge and offering solutions to many challenges faced by businesses today. 

Students will develop a range of qualitative and quantitative skills throughout the course and will maintain currency with today’s changing business environment.  

Business Studies encourages students to evaluate decisions made by business leaders in the past, understand how they inform current entrepreneurs, and begin to conceptualise what the future business world will look like with themselves as the next generation of consumers, CEOs, and change makers. 

Enterprise and Marketing

This year we have the opportunity to offer students a Cambridge National Award in Enterprise and Marketing. Students on this course will be learning the principals of Business Studies through a more practical application, aiming to equip students with the skills needed to potentially start their own businesses in the future. The assessment is a combination coursework (60%) and exam (40%) units with two pieces of coursework completed over years 10 and 11, and one exam taken in year 11. This is a rigorous course that can enable students to study business further at either college or 6th form, students will be able to access both Level 3 BTEC or A-level. Further details of the topics studied, and the course outline can be found in the specification here: OCR Level 1/Level 2 Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing specification

If you are considering choosing Enterprise and Marketing and would like more information or would like to understand the difference between Business Studies and Enterprise and Marketing please email

Creative iMedia 

Creative iMedia is a new course we are offering to students from 2023/24 as a GCSE option. It is a Cambridge National Award and is taught as a mixture of two coursework units and one exam. Students will learn how to plan, create, deliver, and review a variety of digital media that fits a client brief. This will prepare students for a career in digital media which is a rapidly growing sector. Students will also develop their critical thinking skills and learn how to analyse different types of digital media. Students who study this course will be able to go on to college and study a range of creative BTEC courses, or Media Studies A-level. Further details of the topics studied, and the course outline can be found in the specification here: OCR Level 1/Level 2 Cambridge National in Creative iMedia specification

Curriculum Plan GCSE Business Studies

Curriculum Plan Cambridge National Enterprise and Marketing

Curriculum Plan Creative iMedia

OCR National Qualification

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