Admissions Arrangements

Hampton High updates its admissions policy each year following the Schools' Admissions Code which is set by the Department for Education. 

Hampton High is a mixed secondary school for students aged 11 - 16 (Years 7 to 11). 

The planned admission number for the Year 7 intake is 180. 

Admissions to Year 7 for September 2024 

Admissions for Year 7 are managed by the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, not by the school. Offers for September 2024 will be sent out by the Local Authority. 

Applications for Richmond’s residents will be made on Richmond’s Common Application Form, which will be available in paper form and online. Please click here to apply.  

You can access this year’s Secondary Admission Brochure online as a reference point. 

Richmond School Admissions contact details 

Richmond School Admissions Key Dates for the admission process 

1 September 2023 

Online applications are open via 

31 October 2023 

Closing date for receipt of online and paper applications, including supplementary forms. 

12 December 2023

Latest date for applications from people moving into the borough after 31 October 2022.

1 March 2024 (National Offers Day)

All applicants will be sent an email during the evening informing them of the result of their application. 

15 March 2024

Date by which parents must accept or decline offer. 

2 April 2024

Further Offers made from this date onwards subject to places becoming available. 

15 April 2024

Closing date for receipt of school appeals. This date may vary for individual academies and free schools. 

May/June 2024 

Admission Appeals are heard. 

1 July 2024

Year 6 pupils visit their new secondary school. 

2 September 2024 

Start Hampton High autumn term.

You will need to contact your home borough for guidance if you do not live in the London borough of Richmond-upon-Thames. 

Click here for further information and details for residents in the London Borough of Hounslow. 

Click here to see Year 6 to 7 Transition Information. 

In-Year Admissions 

Admissions for the present Year 7 to 11 are coordinated by the School Admissions Department at the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Full details can be found via the following link:  

Richmond School In-Year Admissions


In the event of oversubscription for either Year 7 September intake or in-year admissions the criteria to be applied can be found by following the links to the Determined Admission Arrangements Document below. 

Waiting List 

A waiting list for the school will be held by the Local Authority in criteria order (regardless of when the application is received).

Please contact Richmond School Admissions. 

Appeals Process 

Hampton High Admission Appeals Timetable Year 7 (Coming soon!)

If your child has been refused a place at your preferred secondary school, you may appeal the decision of the admissions authority. Your reasons for appealing will then be considered by an independent panel.  

For information on how to appeal for a place for your child you will need to contact either:

Richmond Democratic Services,  

Phone: 020 8891 7183 or  

Hounslow Democratic services,  

Phone: 020 8583 3356, depending on which borough you currently live in.  

Important dates and deadlines

The following appeal dates apply to children starting school in September 2024.

  • Deadline for lodging secondary appeals: April 2024 (TBC)
  • Hampton High are using the Richmond Independent Appeals Service and appeals are scheduled to be heard between May 2024 and June 2024 (excluding half term 27 May - 31st May 2024 inclusive).

If you would like further details and application forms please use the link below:

Appealing school place allocation

Admission Enquiries  

If you have any questions about applications for Years 7 to 11, or to register your child on our waiting lists, please contact Richmond School Admissions

Please email for general admissions advice.

Admission Statistics 

How places were offered on 1 March for September 2023 entry.

The school use the over-subscription criteria used for admission to Richmond upon Thames’ current non-faith secondary schools. 

Where there are more applications for admission than places available, the criteria used to allocate places are: 

  • current and previously looked-after children;
  • exceptional family; 
  • social or medical need; 
  • siblings;  
  • proximity of the child’s home to the school. 





Total number of applications 




Looked after and previously looked after children  




Family, social, medical reasons  












Home to school distance of last child offered under ‘Distance’ 




Students with a statement/EHCP 




Number of appeals heard 




Number of successful appeals 




There is a waiting list 




The information above is given for guidance only. The number of applications received, and the overall situation changes from year-to-year. 

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