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Sixth Form students are organising Christmas Jumper day on Weds Dec 20th for charity . Cost is £1 to wear Christmas Jumper.


Y8 students have created Mosaics inspired by artists Kandinsky and Beatrice Milhazes.


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And we are underway


Guest have arrived, stage is set, we are about to start


Our students visited neighbouring for a talk on ‘Fake News’ from journalist Grant Feller


Pupils from Buckingham and Hampton Juniors are arriving for our performance of Annie


Backstage at our performance of Annie to primary school pupils. Performance at 1pm.


The cast of Annie warming up before the performance to primary school pupils his afternoon


We will be tweeting live from the primary school performance of Annie from 1pm. Stay tuned!


Our Year 8 student Stan Curd


Getting in the festive spirit: our Christmas tree in reception.


Year 7 Ted Curd won goalkeeper of the tournament in Poznan, Poland with Chelsea this weekend.


The year 9 football team were victorious in the Richmond Borough 5-a-side tournament


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all warming up for the finale of the weekend. The assault course. Well done to all of the cadets, great effort all round.


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Huge thanks to renowned journalist and media consultant for today's fascinating Talk! on fake news and the importance of freedom of speech and an open debate


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- cadets from Hampton CCF ready to fly at 6AEF RAF Benson


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- great day for flying if not a bit grey.


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Poss ? Poss ? Definitely


More from the year 7 specialised cell project in biology class

Exam & Key Stage Results

Exam results 2017

A Level results 

We are really proud of our Hampton High 6th form students, who have performed very well again this year, with 34% of grades at A*-B and 67% at A*-C, a 9% increase on 2016.

Our BTEC students have also achieved well with over a third achieving Distinction* or Distinction. 

With these results, the students have significantly outstripped their targets.

This is a tribute to the hard work, support and dedication of the students, their families and their teachers.

Our students have demonstrated that aspiration and resilience in their approach to the A Level exams and their BTEC work really does pay off.

Many congratulations to all the students and we wish them all the best in their future.

Students who have done particularly well:

  • Gracie Grenado - Distinction* Distinction* Distinction* in Health and Social Care BTEC
  • Milan Radojicic - Distinction* Distinction* in ICT and B in A Level Business Studies
  • A* for Mohammed Deria in Drama (C in History and C in English Lit)
  • A* for Katarzyna Ziolo in Art and Design (B in Media Studies, E in Psychology)
  • Aleksander Petrovic - B,B,C in Product Design, Sociology and C in History

All students this year have been offered a place at their apprenticeship or university of choice.

For the A Level results and student destinations, click here.

GCSE results

We are delighted with the GCSE results this year. The students and staff have worked incredibly hard through the year and the results are a credit to them.

Although the introduction of the new GCSE in English and Maths has proved challenging and makes comparison with last year difficult, the percentage of students achieving Grade 4+ in English and Maths has increased from 46% A*-C in 2016 to 66% this year – a whopping 20% increase.

75% of our Maths students achieved Grade 4+ and 73% of the English students, again increases from 51% and 63% last year. This is a real testament to the hard work and dedication of all involved.

It is also fantastic to see a number of students achieving the very highest Grade 9 in both English and Maths as well as a number of grade 8s achieved across both subjects.

The following students have achieved particularly well:

  • Marc Parker: 4A*s, 2A, 9 in Maths and 7 and 6 in English Literature and English Language
  • Marina Ghaly: 5A*s, 1A, 8 in English Language and 7 in English Literature and Maths
  • Sam  Martin: 5A*s, 1B, 9 in Maths, 7 and 6 in English Literature and English Language
  • Alisha McKie: 2A*s, 3As, 1B, 8 in Maths, 8 in English Literature and 7 in English Language
  • Zoe Gahn: 3A*s, 2As, 1B, 9 in Maths and 7 and 6 in English Literature and English Language
  • Megan Huntingford: 2A*s, 3As, 1B, 9 in English Literature, 7 in English Language and Maths
  • Ehsan Mahmood: 2A*s, 4A, 8 in Maths and 6 in English Literature and English Language
  • Lucas Murray: 6As, 9 in English Literature, 7 in English Language and Maths
  • Katie Cardamone-Ward: 2A*s, 3A, 1B, 8 in English, 6 and 5 in English Literature and English Language


HH Results2017 Headlines

Subject Data

HH Results2017 Subject Data

Congratulations to all students and we wish them all the best in the next stage of their educational journey. 

The following link provides access to the DfE School performance tables website, please note Hampton High is a new academy which opened 01/11/2016; please refer to Hampton Academy for previous results.