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VACANCY: Teacher of Science Closing date for applications: Friday 12 November, noon


Today we are celebrating the life of Shirley Jackson!


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Today we are celebrating the life of Jesse Owens!


Don't forget to save the date for our online Parent Forum about keeping children safe online! Monday 18 October 7pm


Well done to Sophie D in Y11 for her excellent oil pastel work!


Black and British by David Olusoga is a brilliant book that everyone would benefit from reading. It is particularly good for a younger audience. Olusoga describes it as "the book I wish I had been given to read when I was at school".


Retweetd From ADHDAwarenessMonth

Not everyone receives as a diagnosis in child. J. Faye Dixon, PhD, says when difficulties arise later adult & medical professionals take a second look & find ADHD has been the cause of their struggles.


We are helping to raise awareness for ADHD. October is


Y11 revision tip - chunking technique!


Today we are celebrating the life of Chadwick Mary Seacole!


Well done to Willow N in Y7 for her stunning Cinderella's slipper drawing. The details and colour rendering are absolutely beautiful!


Y10 Art continued - Well done to Orla K, Diana J, Lily T, Emily P, Jess S, and Anh-ha N for producing these outstanding drawings as part of their GCSE coursework.


Year 10 have been working tirelessly on drawing and recording using pencil and colour pencils, they have been working from their own photographs, focusing on recording structures found within natural forms.


October is ADHD Awareness Month. Find out more how you can help celebrate ADHD Awareness Month and help raise awareness here.


Today we are celebrating the life of Chadwick Boseman!


Y11 revision tip - using flashcards!


Our Y11 Revision Guide is available to read on our website.

Options Timeline and Key dates

The Options Process

So far in the 2020-2021 academic year we have achieved a significant amount of work around ensuring the options process is supportive for all students. Please note important dates now for the Spring term.  

Autumn Term 2020
October 2020 Survey 1: To gain an overview of the students’ initial ideas and thoughts about their GCSE options.

Recruitment of new teacher of business studies.

Careers talks created based off questions from students about their future

December Survey 2: To ascertain potential options each student would choose. Student targeted for 1:1 meetings to discuss process.
November 2020 – Feb 2021

Careers Talks

To provide students with information on a variety of careers.

Students feeling more informed about career pathways and which options to chose.
Spring Term 2021
Friday 5 February

1:1 options meeting

These will initially be with targeted students. As we have had to move online due to lockdown, we have made this decision.

To ensure all students are selecting the subjects that are appropriate for them.
Friday 5 February

Options Information launch

To provide students and families with information regarding the final stages of the options process and where to find the information.

Students and families can spend time exploring the subjects on offer at Hampton High so they are prepared to make informed decisions.
Thursday 11 February

Options choices

The form to complete will be sent to you with guidance on how to complete and return it in by Monday 1 March.

Thursday 25 February

Parents evening

To meet with teachers of subjects you are interested in, discuss and ask questions about the GCSE course.

Students have a stronger understanding of what subjects they would like to take and should be taking with regards to their progress and ATL.
Monday 1 March Options choices submission deadline.  
Friday 19 March

Confirmed option choices

These will be returned to students and families.

Students will be provided with confirmation of their final options choices so they can begin to prepare to start the course.