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Our latest summer newsletter is online. Read about a summer of success here


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Retweeted Teddington 6th Form (): Year 10 from and at A level Taster sessions...


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Uniform donation reminder


On Thursday, we will be collecting donations of second-hand uniform and PE kit to send to schools in Uganda. Donations gratefully received.


Cooling down at our sponsored walk


Sponsored walk


Our headteacher Ms Hughes and Ms Taylor on our sponsored walk


More from the sponsored walk for local charities


Our sponsored walk to support local charities is underway


We are holding a summer fair on Saturday September 23rd from 2pm - 5pm to celebrate our one year anniversary as Hampton High. All welcome


Our student council meet MP today


trip last weekend


Our annual 10k sponsored walk in memory of Ethan Richards and Annabella Smith is on Monday July 17 at Twickenham Rugby Training Ground.


More sprinting action


Ready to set up camp during trip


Another fine performance


Great performance at the sprint


Final part of Sports Day about to get underway


Taking in the scenery - students pose for a picture during their bronze award trip at the weekend


We are introducing a new school uniform for all students in years 7-11 in September 2017.

A list of our new uniform can be found below. 

Our school outfitters are Stevenson’s in Twickenham. Any queries you may have regarding uniform, please email:


1-15 Heath Road, Twickenham TW1 4DB

Tel: 020 8892 2201

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 9.00am - 5.30pm. Should parents require an out of hours appointment (up to 8pm) they should contact the store directly. Early booking is advised, it is not necessary to book for normal opening hours. Click here to visit their online shop.


Girls uniform list

  • Black ankle length socks or opaque black/grey tights
  • White shirt (long or short sleeved)
  • Black or navy coat
  • Plain black leather school shoes (no trainers or sports shoes are allowed)

Purchased from Supplier

  • Years 7 - 10 school blazer with Hampton High logo (Year 11 are not required to purchase a school blazer)
  • School tie (red with grey stipes)
  • School V neck jumper with Hampton High logo (optional but compulsory for Year 11)
  • Grey pleated skirt with Hampton High logo or tailored grey trousers

Uniform03Boys uniform list

  • Black ankle length socks
  • White shirt (long or short sleeved)
  • Black or navy coat
  • Plain black leather school shoes (no trainers or sports shoes are allowed)
  • Grey tailored trousers

Purchased from Supplier

  • Year 7 - 10 School blazer with Hampton High logo (Year 11 are not required to purchase a school blazer)
  • School tie (red with grey stripes)
  • School V neck jumper with Hampton High logo (optional but compulsory for Year 11)

PE Kit

All students (items marked with * are compulsory) (Please note that the new PE kit is not compulsory for year 11 students.)

  • Panelled Polo Shirt with Badge*
  • Socks Black with Red Turnover Top*


  • Shorts with Badge


    Tracksuit trousers with Hampton High logo

  • Panelled Midlayer with Badge

  • Trainers*

  • Moulded, studded, football boots* (not AstroTurf trainers)


We highly recommend that all items of school uniform are clearly labelled with the student's full name.

General Rules on Appearance and Jewellery

Make-up should be discreet. Nail varnish or false nails are not permitted.
Hair Styles should be kept neat and the colour should be a natural shade. Extreme hairstyles, unnatural dyeing or bleaching of hair is not permitted.
Jewellery should be discreet, such as a single pair of stud earrings. Multiple piercings are not permitted. All earrings must be removed for PE lessons for health and safety purposes.


  • Students are permitted to bring valuables into school, but have the responsibility of looking after them. Items of value should be stored in student lockers. They should not be left unattended in bags and coats.
  • We recommend that students do not bring large sums of money into school with them.
  • Bicylcles should be padlocked and stored in the school bike racks.
  • Whilst we understand that parents are anxious for their children to have a mobile phone, they can be a distraction to learning, as well as providing a platform for cyber bullying. Any mobile phone brought in to school must be switched off on entering the building and left at the bottom of your child’s school bag until they leave the premises at the end of the day. Students who choose to use their phone during the school day will have their phone confiscated until the end of the day. Students who repeatedly fail to observe the school rule with regards mobile phones will have their phone confiscated and arrangements will be made for a responsible adult from the family to collect the phone at the end of a school day following confiscation.

If a student arrives to school wearing incorrect uniform, where possible the student will be asked to correct their appearance on site. Where this is not possible, a student may be sent home to correct their appearance. Parents will be contacted if this is the case. If a student refuses to comply with instructions to correct their uniform, they will be sanctioned according to the school’s Behaviour Policy which will be updated in September.

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