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Our leavers hoodies are now available to buy. Read more here.


Y11 Francis has thanked Ms Povey and Ms Jones for helping him win a place at the National Youth Theatre


Students led the toast at the Combined Cadet Forces dinner. Abi Fisher, Rebecca Rowley, Kira Marks and Jessica and Hannah Rowe attended.


Our science club have won a nationwide competition. Read more here


Read about year 7 football final


Year 11 parents, time to stock up on Rosemary


Year 7 Morgan models our new football kit donated by the wonderful Friends of Hampton High. There kits for different sports/ year groups.


Read about our Year 10 trip to Paris


Our Y7 boys football team had training sessions with last week


A big well done to our Y7 boys football team who narrowly missed out on the Richmond Schools Cup - losing in the final.


manager Alan Dowson gives our Y7s boys football team some top tips ahead of their final against Grey Court


Our Y10s making new friends in


Wishing our brilliant Y11 students all the best in their exams.


Our Y10s “dabbing” in Disney Land Paris


Our monthly newsletter is available to view on the school website. Click the link for more


Our year 10 Oxbridge event


Read about our trip to


Our talented year 8 dancer spent the day Read more

Medical Appointments

Medical appointments should be arranged wherever possible after the school day finishes or in the school holidays however we do understand that it may be necessary occasionally to arrange these appointments during the school day. Medical appointments taken during school hours need to be authorised via the attendance officer - Lisa Heaps at least 24 hours in advance of the time of appointment. All medical appointments will require proof such as dentist appointment card, letter from hospital etc. Medical appointments are usually only authorised for a maximum of two hours unless otherwise requested. All appointments arranged during school hours wherever possible should be early in the morning so that the student is back in school by 10.30am or late afternoon so that the student leaves school after 1.45pm.

Attendance officer email:

Attendance officer direct line: 020 8979 3399 ext 275