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Dining like a king at


We are holding a summer fair on Saturday September 23rd from 2pm - 5pm to celebrate our one year anniversary as Hampton High. All welcome


Ice creams at Hampton Court


Hampton Court


Students will be issued with individual examination timetables by their form tutors in April for the Summer Examination series. The full list of examination dates will be published below.

Please note that timetables can be subject to minor changes and the most up to date timetables will be posted on the website.

Students should make a note of their UCI number (beginning 14615) which they will find on their individual timetables as they will need this for all college applications.

Important Information for Candidates

Candidates MUST take the time to read the following guidelines.

JCQ Exam Regulations

JCQ Controlled Assessment Regulations


Examinations Date  
Year 11 Study Guide 2016-17 15th Dec 2016 Download