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Posted on: 10/05/2017

Year 9 students - "a credit to the school"

Our Year 9 sports leaders were described as a “credit to the school” after helping to run the Year 1 Richmond Sports Festival.

Our 15 students provided support to pupils during a series of fun sporting activities held in the Sports Hall this week.

Youngsters from Hampton Infants, Thomson House, St Mary’s, Carlisle and Trafalgar took part in the event, which was organised by the Richmond Schools Sports Partnership (RSSP).

Hampton Infants pupil Ella said: “I had a really great day. I would like to do it all over again if I can.”

Daisy, also from Hampton Infants, added: “My favourite thing was the zig zag, it was really fun.”

Year 9 Reece Foster said: “Because I am doing GCSE PE next year the teachers asked me if I wanted to get involved. It was really enjoyable because it allowed me to work on my leadership skills and to work with younger students.”

Sports leader Kira Marks added: “Both my sister and my mum work with children so it was something I was keen to be involved with. I really like Rugby so if I can’t play professionally one day I would love to be a coach to younger children.”

RSSP games organiser Maggie Morrell said: “‘The Year 9 young leaders from Hampton High were amazing and a credit to their school. They set up and ran the festival and enhanced the experience for the infant pupils.Without young leaders, we would not be able to run these festivals - they play a very important role in our events.”

Thank you to the following Year 9 students: Eunice Choi, Jake Brown, Jess Rowe, Hannah Rowe, Jess Baines, Will Zair, Reece Foster, Beatrice O'Riordan, Spencer Griffin, Kira Marks, Sasha Edwards-Stoner, Lewis Blundell, James Wood and Qiyaam Bana.

Written by Tom Barnes

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