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We are extremely pleased to announce that Ms Poole has been appointed our substantive Headteacher


Retweetd From Dave Farrell

congrats to Kieran Farrell Yr11, part of the Team Richmond IZB silver medal winning team . Amazing experience


Fact of the Day


Students designed equipment to help Nepalese farmers transport tomatoes from mountains to valley markets


Year 9 Arthur explains his group’s design ‘down the hill slide’ - inspired by the movie


Students take part in problem solving competition to see which 5 will represent the school Maths Challenge


Our Science Fact of the Day: It takes about 1 minute for a red blood cell to make a complete circuit of the body


Y7s have been learning about how astronauts go to the toilet in space in the Nappy Experiment for


Our Science Fact of the Day: It takes about 1 minute for a red blood cell to make a complete circuit of the body


Y8 students have created their own own pen grips using ergonomic design for


Our Y10 handball team have qualified for the finals after a fine display


Our Year 9 and 10 students were treated to a performance of from the


Our U13 girls played with spirit and determination but narrowly missed out on a place in the Netball final


Our Year 10 Abi Fisher has been voted chair of the Richmond and Kingston Council youth committee chair


STEM club students learned about the use of modular building in disaster areas before making their own models.


Y7 Jackson Birch and his teammates took Gold at an international gymnastics tournament in Poland.


Students will perform Romeo and Juliet. See poster for details.


We are holding a number of events to celebrate next week. Stay tuned for updates.


Our annual Quiz Night takes place on Friday 27th of April. See poster for details.


Year 9 students are using their morning tutorial to plan a project to deliver workshops to care home residents.

Student Council Meeting Schedule

Year Team Meetings: All taking place during AM Registration

Year 7

Wednesday 7 March - Year 7 (Reg. Activities) - Wordsworth Canteen

Wednesday 21 March - Year 7 (School Clubs) - Wordsworth Canteen

Year 8

Tuesday 27 February - Year 8 (Reg. Activities) - SC1

Year 9

Tuesday 6 March - Year 9 (Reg. Activities) - Wordsworth Canteen

Tuesday 20 March - Year 9 (School Clubs) - Wordsworth Canteen

Year 10

Thursday 1 March - Year 10 (Reg. Activities) - Conrad Canteen

Thursday 15 March - Year 10 (School Clubs) - Conrad Canteen

Year 11

Friday 2 March - Year 11 (Reg. Activities) - Mr Bedford's Office, Conrad

Friday 15 March - Year 11 (School Clubs) - Mr Bedford's Office, Conrad

Year 12

Monday 26 February - Year 12 (Reg. Activitiess) - Form Base

SLT Team Meetings

Wednesday 14 March - Grounds and Facilities (Recycling) - Conference Room, AM Registration

Monday 5 March - Behaviour and Safety (Bullying) - Conference Room, AM Registration

Monday 20 March - Learning and Engagement (Stretch and Challenge) - Conference Room, AM Registration

Monday 12 March - Student Welfare (SEN) - Conference Room, AM Registration

Wednesday 7 March - Charity and COmmunity (Events) - Conference Room, AM Registration

Friday 23 March - KS3 Student Council (Shared Agenda) - Library, AM Registration and start of P1

Wednesday 21 March - KS4 Student Council (Shared Agenda) - Library, AM Registration and start of P1


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Agenda HT3 and HT4 15th Jan 2018 Download