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Sensory resources aren't limited to primary education... dive into the deep blue and explore our latest sensory room install at 🙌 1/4


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From the blissfully bubbling bubble tube to the wall projector, Hampton's new therapeutic space is filled with colourful and tactile resources perfect for distracting and calming students’ minds. 2/4


Our new sensory room!


Well done to Haseeb, Harjan, Frankie and Albert in Y8 who were the first group to finish our Sponsored Walk from Hampton Palace to Richmond today! All money raised is going to support


Open Mornings: We still have some spaces left on our Open Morning tours. More details about when they are and how to book can be found on our website.


Our Y7 students are enjoying our Teambuilding Day, playing rounders, solving logic-based challenges thanks to The Happy Puzzle Company, and contributing to too!


Please find our weekly newsletter on our website.


Reminder: Years 8-11 will be taking part in our annual sponsored walk tomorrow to raise money for More details can be found on our website.


Reminder: Year 7 students can come to school tomorrow wearing Jeans, trainers and PE tops or full PE kit for the minimum of £1 donation to help raise money for


A huge well done to Charlie B in Y10 and William O in Y8 who competed at the British Triathlon Grand Final last weekend. They both represented London in the Inter-Regional Championship event.


Updates have been added to our PE Clubs and Fixtures. Please see our website for details.


Please find our weekly newsletter on our website.


Well done Chloe B in Year 10 on her wonderful accomplishment of winning 132 dance competition medals and 6 trophies. Chloe achieved her success by entering several online competitions during lockdown and over the summer!


Alfie T in Year 11 will be playing Football for Wales against France in two weeks. This is an excellent achievement, and we wish him every success with the match.


Jackson B in Year 11 has been selected by British Gymnastics to represent Great Britain in the FIG Acrobatic Gymnastics European Championships this year. The competition is being held in Italy. This is a fantastic achievement, and we wish him every success with it.


It is wonderful to have our Specialist Resource Provision up and running. Our sensory room is a fantastic resource and is already being well used!


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FREE gardening equipment for schools! We’ve created It’s Good to Grow, our new collector scheme to help schools get FREE gardening equipment. Take a look at how you can take part and earn paperless Grow Tokens for your school...


Wren Garden Update: We are looking for some volunteers to help this Saturday to help with tree planting and to help build a bee hotel! All helping hands much appreciated. Please arrive at 9am or 10.30am and we expect to finish around 1pm.


Some tips on how to stay safe online from our Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Julien.


We would like to remind you that the Hampton High PE jogging bottoms are now available to purchase, priced at £15. If you would like to make a purchase you can do so via sQuid and we can then place an order for you.

Teaching British Values

Promoting British Values at Hampton High

Teaching British values at our school is an important way to enable students to embrace the key values that they need to be equipped for life in modern British society. Through promoting the British values of Democracy, the Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, and Acceptance for those with different faiths and beliefs, students at our school develop self-knowledge, are better able to make the right choices and make contributions to the wider school and their community. 

The DfE have recently reinforced the need “to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and acceptance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”

The Government set out its definition of British values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy, and these five values will be reiterated this academic year.

At Hampton High, these values are regularly reinforced and in the following ways:

The Religious Studies and PSHCE curricula

British Values are taught explicitly as part of the Religious Studies and PSCHE curricula. Topics include ‘What are British Values?’, ‘the role of democracy’, and ‘human rights and responsibilities.’

1. Democracy

The school has a student leadership council which meets regularly. There are representatives from each year group on the student council, ensuring that a breadth of opinions is heard. Additionally, each year team meets a focus group of students from the year group twice every half term to discuss matters affecting their experiences of school. The representatives of this group are changed frequently to ensure that all members of the year group are given an opportunity to participate in open discussion and debate. Each member of the school council is a member of a sub-committee that focuses on one of the following areas:

1. Teaching and Learning

2. Behaviour and Safety

3. Community and Charity

4. Grounds and facilities

5. Student Welfare

As a result, students take ownership of not only their school but also of their learning and progress. This encourages a heightened sense of both personal and social responsibility.

Once a year students complete questionnaires on a full range of school issues. Their opinions are then used to feed into future planning. Changes to Hampton High as a result of this feedback include a review of the current rewards system, with changes planned for September 2018.

How we influence and shape democracy is explored in many ways, though lessons, current affairs, themes of the week and assemblies. These weekly themes are linked to our school values. These are often connected to national or international celebrations and commemorations such as International Day of Peace; Martin Luther King Day; and Remembrance Day.

In PSHCE students learn about British Democracy and how young people can participate at a local and national level.

2. The Rule of Law

The importance of laws, whether they be those that govern the class, the school, or the country is consistently reinforced at the Hampton High, and consequently, our students possess a strong sense of equality and belief in what is right and wrong.

We have a rigorous behaviour policy that is in the student planners and understood by all staff and students.

Students are taught the ‘rules’ of the school along with the value and reasons behind rules and laws, that they govern and protect us, the responsibilities that this involves and the consequences when rules and the law are broken. An integral part of our behaviour and rewards policy is the use of restorative justice. It aims to increase student awareness of how their actions affect others in the community and ensure students are better able to make the right choices.

We have a local Police Officer who works with our students to educate them on how young people can be affected by crime and how to stay safe. Students are also able to access further e-safety support through the school’s intranet.

In PSHCE and Religious Studies students learn about the Rule of Law by learning about the importance of shared values and responsibilities of British citizens.

3. Individual Liberty

Students are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. As a school, we educate and provide boundaries from where students can make informed choices and respectfully express their views and beliefs.

Students are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedoms and are advised how to exercise these safely and respectfully, for example through our assemblies, PSHCE curriculum, current affairs and tutor time activities. In lessons, students can make choices about the tasks and challenges they complete through our three tier differentiation and stretch policy as well as being able to choose from a varied programme of extra-curricular activities.

Stereotypes are regularly challenged, and we are working hard to raise the aspirations of all of our students with regular discussions about potential career possibilities and providing opportunities to experience different career and further education opportunities. All students have equally high aspirations for their futures.

In PSHCE students learn about the Individual Liberty by learning about how they can express their rights and personal freedoms safely.

4. Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is at the heart of our values. Staff and students treat each other with the utmost respect and courtesy. Students learn that their behaviours affect their rights and those of others. All members of the school community are required to treat each other with respect, and this is a high profile message that is communicated to students. Our behaviour and rewards policy means that students know that their choices affect their rights and those of others. We also provide a model for civil resolution of conflict through restorative justice.

Anti-bullying has a high profile within the school and is addressed through the tutorial programme, assemblies, and surveys. A group of students across all year groups have received training to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors within the school. Students are also taught about respect and bullying in the online world though our curriculum and E-safety lessons. Parent forums are held to help support families in ensuring that their children are kept safe online.

In PSHCE students learn about Mutual Respect through relationship education, e-safety and the work they complete on shared community values.

5. Acceptance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Hampton High is rich in cultural diversity, and we are proud to promote and celebrate our different backgrounds and beliefs. Students learn that all members of the school community deserve to be treated with respect and that differences are to be accepted. 

Religious Education is taught in KS3 and KS4 which promotes mutual respect and understanding between those of different faiths or beliefs.

Assemblies and tutorial activities actively challenge stereotypes and reinforce messages of tolerance and respect for others no matter their ethnicity, beliefs, gender or disability. Assemblies cover a variety of topics, including International Day of Peace; Black History Month; Ramadan, Diwali; International Day for Tolerance; Hanukah; Martin Luther King Day.

The weekly newsletter celebrates cultural events and celebrates successes of all students.

At Hampton we actively challenge students, staff or parents expressing opinions contrary to the values we hold as a school and those that underpin the fabric of a democratic Britain. We take our responsibilities seriously as set out in the Government’s Prevent Strategy designed to tackle ‘extremist’ views and prevent children being radicalised.

In PSHCE students learn about acceptance and different forms of discrimination including discrimination against people due to their gender, religion, disability, sexuality and ethnicity and how to challenge discrimination in society. The curriculum educates students about the dangers of radicalisation and extremism.