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We need parents to talk about their careers to Y8s from 1.35pm - 2.50pm today, Feb 7th, at the school. Email


We need parents to talk about their careers to Y8s from 1.35pm - 2.50pm tomorrow, Feb 7th, at the school. Email


Tomorrow’s parent forum on Revision techniques has been rescheduled for later in the academic year. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Our Year 7s have created self portraits in art class


Students used newspapers and masking tape to make toy animals inspired by aboriginal culture in art class


Our u13 girls handball team have won a place in the semi final after 5-4 victory over Holy Cross School


Our Y8 boys football team have reached the semi-final of the borough cup after an 8-2 victory over Christ School. Next up is Grey Court


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Our year 7/8 boys football team recorded an 8-2 victory over Christ School


Read about Sir Vince Cable’s visit to the school in


Y10 students visited neighbouring for a talk from novelist Theodore Brun.


More from our GCSE revision weekend sessions in Solent


More from our Year 11 GCSE revision weekend sessions in Solent


We are running auditions for Choir singers to perform at Live on Thurs 25th and Fri 26th Jan. See poster for details.


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Are you a budding musician or singer? If yes, why not join our School of Rock, every Friday, 3.15pm-5pm


Years 7-9 Street Jazz club with Tyler Thompson is every Tuesday, from 3.15 - 4.15 in the Dance studio.


Year 11s mixed revision with fun activities during a weekend trip to Calshot Activities Centre in Solent last weekend.


The school are celebrating tomorrow


Junior theatre Company with the Sixth Form Drama students starts today after school, from 3.15 - 4.15 in the Drama studio.

Posted on: 26/01/2018

Holocaust Memorial Talk at Hampton School

Last Friday a group of fifteen students attended Hampton School’s second Holocaust Memorial event which remembers the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust, along with all those killed in subsequent genocides.
There were over 300 people present including pupils, parents and local dignitaries. The event focused on Bea Green, now in her nineties, who escaped from Nazi Germany to Britain in 1939, on the Kindertransport.
Four of our Year 9 students have collaborated to write an account of the day.
Archie George: “Our evening began in the hall of Hampton Boys’ School. We walked in to see a variety of different schools all spread out across the room. On the board on the stage we were shown an old picture of a man who was clearly standing up for something he believed in. His name was Dr. Siegel and his bloodline, specifically his daughter, was the focus of the evening. We made eye-catching posters on the fascinating life and survival of Dr. Siegel and his family.”
Oliver Neville: “Within the workshop we made posters on The Siegel family and the important events that unfolded through their lifetime. In my group we created a timeline where we pin-pointed certain events. Once we finished our posters, they were displayed in the Hammond Theatre lobby to be seen by Bea Green (Dr Siegel’s daughter) and the Mayor of Richmond. Meanwhile, we had dinner in the Hampton canteen and proceeded to the theatre to listen to the speaker.”
James Kersey: “Listening to Bea Green explaining her short time in Munich and what happened to her father because he was a Jew was fascinating. She added a lot of detail that the history books don’t tend to have. We heard from the perspective of a child our age and what she has seen and how she felt. Learning about her father and how their family was torn apart by the war really was heart breaking and yet fascinating. It was a really rewarding evening for us all.”
Kieran Moses: “Bea Green continued her talk about the Kindertransport and where it took her. We were shown photographs of her alone on the train. She told us that she had travelled from Munich to England via Holland on trains and a ferry. She told us what her life was like after leaving Munich, whom she met and where she went after the war. She answered all our questions about her life, like how her brother joined the army here in England, how her parents escaped Nazi Germany for Peru and how she felt all the way through her experience of the Holocaust and the Nazi regime. It was a great experience and we were buzzing all the way home.”

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