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Read our weekly opinion piece from our Prefect Team: The US Presidential Election 2020 -Donald J. Trump Versus Joe Biden.


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An exciting initiative for years 7 - 10 students who are passionate about cricket! The hub is completely free of charge. To register please follow the link below.


Please read the announcement on our website regarding support from parents and the wider community with giving career talks.


Please read the announcement on our website regarding wearing face masks from Monday 2 November.


This week we are celebrating the life of for Did you know that a statue of Mary Seacole sits outside St Thomas' Hospital in London and is believed to be the first in the UK to honour a black woman.


Read our weekly opinion piece from our Prefect Team: How Coronavirus has affected me and my school


Read our weekly opinion piece from our Prefect Team: Mental health issues in young people - don't let them suffer in silence.


Open to girls in Y10/11 interested in playing football? Richmond Park FC Under 16 Girls are looking for more players. Contact for more details.


Some fantastic artwork from our Year 9 students in the style of


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This week we are celebrating the life of for Nominated by Miss Harrington, who when speaking about Evaristo's book said, "It was definitely the most thought provoking book I have read all year!"


This week we are celebrating the life of for If you want to see some live theatre why not stream this production which deals with some of the issues which Ira Aldridge would have faced.


This week we are celebrating the life of for Did you know her non-profit, the Serena Williams Fund, has helped build a school in Uganda and also helped schools in Jamaica and Kenya?


This week we are celebrating the life of for He developed an interest in law from his father. Marshall said of his father, "He never told me to be a lawyer, but he turned me into one."


This week we are celebrating the life of for Did you know Barack comes from the Swahili language, and it means "one who is blessed."


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Today we are celebrating the life of Ernest Everett Just He was an African American biologist and educator.


Today we are celebrating the life of for He was a writer and abolitionist from Nigeria whose autobiography became immensely popular and helped the abolitionist cause. It is one of the earliest books published by a black African writer.


Cultural Capital Vision for Enrichment

Hampton High’s vision is that:

Every student, every year, has the opportunity to be involved in at least one new experience outside of the classroom. These opportunities range from lunch time and after school clubs, subject specific trips, residential trips and enrichment opportunities. All of these aim to support students in linking their learning to the wider world, encourage them to be investigative and independent learners, acquire the soft skills needed in life after school and develop a love and respect for the different cultures and world they live in.

*Whilst the school is managing social distancing, bubbling in year groups and staggered starts, there are a number of changes to how we run our extracurricular and enrichment opportunities, including trips and other visit based experiences.

In order to provide students with opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom, we will be running virtual clubs after school through Microsoft Teams. We are looking to expand this provision throughout the term.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer KS4 after school clubs due to the later finish for students and staff.

Trips and residential visits have been suspended for the time being, however, we will aim to re-establish these at the first possible opportunity.

There is a programme of online opportunities being developed for students, for example, the Speakers for Schools talks with a variety of industry professionals, available to access through Satchel and the website.

We are working alongside providers of qualifications such as Duke of Edinburgh, The Brilliant Club and Mock trails so that we can continue to provide them to our students in a virtual, socially distanced and safe environment.

This means that:

Staff, both teaching and non-teaching, will provide extracurricular opportunities for students in a variety of different ways that complement their main teaching subject or interest.

Subject areas will provide at least one extracurricular opportunity a year to each year group in their subject. This may include an educational visit, a speaker coming into school, a drop down day or weekly/fortnightly club. Our 3-year goal is that each subject runs at least one drop down day once a year.

Year group teams will offer a residential trip each year with an aim to build relationships and experiences that young people in the year group may not have had previously.

Tutors will monitor the participation of tutees in extracurricular opportunities, with a 3-year goal that all Key stage 3 students will participate in at least one club each term.

Training courses, for example first aid, will be arranged and offered to students across a range of years and areas of need, led by the pastoral team and Heads of Year so that students can develop other skills needed in life after school.

Heads of Year, along with the AAHT and Enrichment lead will be responsible for ensuring that there are opportunities for the students to fulfill the pledge (see below) that they sign at the start or year 7.

Hampton High’s Pledge:

*Due to changes within the school day, some of the statements within the pledge are to be suspended for the time being. We will endeavor to still provide chances for students to experience each of these opportunities once social distancing measure are relaxed and it is safe to do so.

Before I leave Hampton High, I will have had the opportunity to have:

1. Participated in a school club

2. Visited a location linked to a subject. 

3. Seen a live theatre performance either in school or in a professional theatre

4. Been camping, on an outdoor adventure or a residential trip

5. Visited a city of note outside of London

6. Taken part in a charity or community event

7. Visited a college or university

8. Listened to a talk by an inspirational external speaker

9. Received training in a skill that will help me in life outside of school

10. Experienced careers either in school or as a visit to job locations

11. Participated in a student voice activity to improve our school 

12. Developed leadership skills 


Extra-curricular Activities Date  
Extra Curricular Clubs 21st Oct 2020 Download