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We are delighted to be sponsoring this local event at in December. Save the date for your diary!


Parents’ Forum - Keeping Children Safe, Tuesday 27 November at 6pm: Delivered by PC Robbie Claydon. RSVP: with parents’ forum in the subject line.


careers team are looking for volunteers to share their experiences and provide information and insight about their profession at our next careers event on 20 December. If you are interested and able to support this event please email


Sixth Form students brushed up on their cookery skills again this week making paella!


Congratulations to Alisha McKie and Emily Tull in Year 13 who have received five offers from their University choices this week. Well done girls!


Yr 13 Sociology students enjoyed their trip to the Royal Courts of Justice and The Old Bailey last week.


Homework Club has received a major boost since Toast Club was introduced. We would like to say a special thank you to parent, Sarah Beadell for providing the toaster and to bakery for donating the bread!


Staff success - congratulations to Alicia McComish, Teacher of PE, who made her debut for Wales which saw her earn her first cap on Saturday 3 November! You can follow for updates and see the article here:


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Last few minutes before we set off


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Early start for Hampton CCF, in the City of London getting ready for the Lord Mayor’s Show Parade.


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Just before we leave for the return trip, well done to Hampton CCF


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Well done to Hampton CCF, very proud of you. You kept it together. You have earned your lunch today.


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thank you to our cadets for parading today. Good turn out


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Today, at Hampton's Remembrance Day parade, with pupils from and remembered those who made the ultimate sacrifice.


Book Fair - Monday 26 November - Friday 30 November


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Christmas Tree Sale - Saturday 8 December. Thanks to for sponsoring the event.


Sixth Form students have been polishing up on their cookery skills again this week by cooking fajitas!

KS4 Overview

At Hampton High we are committed to ensuring students master the core subjects and enjoy a balanced curriculum. It is neither desirable, nor essential, for future career ambitions to over-specialise in specific subject areas. Therefore, we have developed an option system that offers students the right balance between breadth and specialism.

Key Stage 4 - Years 10 and 11

The Department for Education sets out a National Curriculum for core and “entitlement subjects". This gives students a broad curriculum and ensures that they are not disadvantaged by over specialised option choices. As a school we are not constrained by this curriculum, but will always make sure that students are fully prepared for the skills and knowledge they will need in order to succeed at key Stages 4 and 5.

Subject Choice

In choosing a suitable programme of subjects for Key Stage 4, students will need to consider the following aspects:

  • The requirements of a balanced curriculum
  • Subjects in which they have a keen interest, and have experienced a measure of success
  • Entry requirements for Higher Education institutions
  • The English Baccalaureate  

We recommend that all students should consider studying a language up to GCSE standard. In the case of new subjects not available during Key Stage 3, students should seek advice from subject teachers. Presentations will be given to the year group clarifying the nature of these subjects and providing guidelines for those contemplating their selection.

The procedure for making requests under the options programme is explained in the options booklet. Students are given the time to think about what subjects they would wish to study and then asked to complete an options form later in the year. Subject choices will be confirmed during the Summer Term. Students will be contacted earlier if there are difficulties with the combination of options chosen.

The options booklet will be handed out to students during the options evening early in the year.  

At key stage 3, 4 and 5 we have 29 period weeks with 10 registration periods. Each morning there is time for year group assemblies and tutor time activities.

The curriculum at key stage 4 (years 10 and 11)

The majority of students study our core curriculum and an additional four subjects from those on offer. 

Pupil periods for key stage 4 

Subject Y10 Y11
English 5 5
Mathematics 5 5
Science 5 or 8 5 or 8
Option Subjects 3  
PSHE 2 days a year  
PE 2  

GCSE Options

As you approach the end of Year 9 it is time to make some decisions about your future studies. You will also begin to think about what you would like to do in Year 12 and 13. Recent changes in government policy mean that all students must now stay in education, or work-based training, until they are 18.

At Hampton High we are committed to the concept of "breadth and balance" ›in Year 10 and 11, which can then become more specialised in Year 12 and 13. We have found it is unnecessary for future career ambitions to specialise in specific subject areas too early and that it is better to keep a broader choice of subjects at this stage. When choosing your subject it is more important to think about what you enjoy and where you have shown an aptitude. Your recent report should help to highlight this, or you can have a discussion with the relevant subject teacher.

Optional Subjects

Students choose four additional subjects from the following list.

History Dance
Geography Drama
Religious Studies Music
Computer Science (Top Set maths students only) Media Studies
Separate Sciences (counts as one option choice) Art
French Product Design
Spanish Food Technology

When to Make Option Choices  

You will be asked to complete an Options Choices Application Form in March/April of Year 9. We ask that each student selects one extra option that can be used if there is a problem with the combination of choices requested. Whilst we make every effort to enable as many students as possible to study the subjects they have requested we cannot guarantee meeting the exact preferences of individual children. Clearly the running of courses is dependent upon whether they are sufficiently subscribed, and the availability of specialist teachers. If there are any difficulties you will be informed as soon as possible.

Subject choices will be confirmed during the Summer Term but students will be contacted earlier if there are difficulties with the combination of options chosen.

How to Request Option Choices

On Monday 5 February you will receive a letter with details on how to request your Option Choices via SurveyMonkey which is an online survey tool that is password protected. Please follow this link which will take you to the Year 9 Options SurveyMonkey. 

Looking Beyond Year 11

Whilst the choices you make in Year 9 will shape your next two years at Hampton High, they will also have an impact on your options after Year 11. This may involve staying on at Hampton High Sixth Form, going to another college or gaining employment with training. In the UK there are qualifications at six different levels (see the table below) and in Year 10 you embark on courses that will begin to take you through these levels. It is important to know what opportunities will be available based on these choices.

Level 3

To progress onto A level courses or Level 3 vocational courses (e.g. BTEC Diplomas/ BTEC Nationals, Level 3 VRQs / NVQs) you will need to have at least 5 GCSE grades at grade 5 or above or equivalent grades on vocational courses.

Level 2

Where students have achieved at least 5 GCSE grades 4-1 they will be able to progress onto Level 2 courses (BTEC First Awards, Level 2 VRQ / NVQ, Level 2 NVQ, Trainees & Apprenticeships).

Going on to University  

If you are considering applying for a particular university course, you should check your GCSE choices will be suitable. In general, universities will be looking for students with good academic outcomes and outstanding study skills and habits. The Russell Group, which represents some of the UK's leading and many competitive universities, has published a guide to assist students with their decision making about post-16 education, called Informed Choices. They identify a number of A level subjects that are required more often than others for entry onto their degree courses. These subjects are: Mathematics/Further Mathematics, English Literature, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History and Languages (Classical & Modern).

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Posted on: 22/08/2019

Hampton High GCSE Results Summer 2019

It was a real privilege to spend the morning with our year 11 students as they came in and collected their exam results today. 65% students secured grades 9-4*, with 38% securing grades 9-5*, in line with targets set at the beginning of their GCSE course. 11% of our students achieved grades 9 – 7*. For the second year in a row, this cohort of students beat the targets set them. 35 grade 9s were awarded to our students this year. This is an increase on last year, with a smaller cohort sitting the exams. Several students stand out for particular congratulations. Tom Park secured grade 9 in all 9 of his subjects. Last year, only 732 students achieved this nationally. Marcel Holowienko, Jacob Muncey, Reea Soz and Romando Sula all achieved high total and average point scores across their subjects. Other students with outstanding attainment are Annalee James, Andre Wheeler, Ibtihaz Shahid, Sami Nawab, Abi Fisher, Levan Mastrocola, Elliot Mitchell and James Wood.  As an inclusive comprehensive school, it is important to celebrate how much progress from original starting points our students make. Students who made progress well above their targets are Elliot Mitchell, Niole Caldas Missi, Sanaz Akhlaghi, Annalee James, David Leonjev, Andrei Filipas, Marcel Holowienko, Reea Soz, Loic Wood and Ben Chester. Joel Ampaire and Jiahua Lui both secured good grades across their subjects, despite moving to Hampton High from abroad in Years 11 and 10 respectively. We also have a group of students who showed outstanding resilience in the face of adversity. These students continued to study, despite grappling with very challenging circumstances. It is testimony to their strength of character, the year group around them and the support of staff and families, that these students have been able to celebrate today. All of these success stories sum up what Hampton High is about. We are aspirational for our students and will leave no stone unturned in supporting them to achieve. Our students learn to support each other and not give up when things become challenging. This is the year group which had to cope with the most change during their time with us. It is to their credit that they have been able to succeed and now embark on the next stage of their education. Many of them will be staying with us for their sixth form studies and we look forward to them building on the fantastic success of the year 13 cohort in their A levels last week. * = grades including English and maths
Posted on: 15/08/2019

Hampton High A level Results Summer 2019

It was a real privilege to see the delighted faces of our year 13 students as they came in and collected their exam results today. Over a third of our results were grade A, our results are well above the national average, with two of our students, Laurel Flatley and Alisha Mckie, securing grade As in all three of their subjects. Over 50% of our students exceeded their target grades in one or more of their subjects.  Importantly, 100% of students have secured the future destination of their choice. This achievement is testimony to the hard work of the students and their teachers, along with the support of their families. The sixth form at Hampton High is growing, and the 15 students who sat their exams in Year 13 with us this year, in collaboration with Teddington School, have set the bar high for subsequent year groups. The benefits of being a member of a small sixth form were very clear today; the students were all supportive of each other as the envelopes were opened, and their appreciation of their teachers, many of whom were with them today, was very clear. The progress which these students have made with us reflects the findings of our most recent Ofsted inspection: The leadership of the sixth form is strong. Leaders have high aspirations for students and this is reflected in the established systems which enable students to make good progress. We should like to congratulate all of our sixth form students and their families. We wish them all the very best for the next step in their future, and look forward to seeing them when they come in to visit us to let us know how they are getting on. If you would like to find out more about our sixth form and the courses on offer for the next academic year, please contact the school on with “sixth form” in the subject line.   A levels 2019 A B C D E Hampton High 34 62 86 93 100 National 25.2 51.1 75.5 90.8 97.5