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Please find this week's Newsletter on our website


Rebecca Poole quoted in an article in the BBC news.


Please find this week's Newsletter on our website


Thank you to one of our lovely parents who organised for Paula King to bring us a "real" coffee bar drink. It was much appreciated by all the staff working here today with students.


If you would still like to participate, we are keeping the link open until Wednesday.


Thank you to everyone in the Hampton High school community for supporting our 2.6 challenge. So far we have raised £1,434 for The Trussell Trust, which is the national Food bank charity.


Rainbows - Hampton High...


Quiz an Astronaut - Hampton High...


Retweetd From Department for Education

We have been informed some parents have received an email stating: ‘As schools will be closing, if you're entitled to free school meals, please send your bank details and we'll make sure you're supported’. This is a scam email - do not respond, and delete immediately.


To parents, students or staff who have experienced a problem accessing SMHW today.


Stories for children - Free streaming from Audible.


Please find this week's Newsletter on our website


National Demo Day celebrations: Some student's got to have a go at lighting the Methane Bubbles too!


We celebrated Naitonal Demo Day within the science department yesterday lunchtime by burning Methane Bubbles! Students got to watch Mr Haigh demonstrate how water is a poor conductor of heat and insulates his hands from the flames! Don't try this at home!


Happy Science Week from our Science department!


A parentmail has been sent to all families with more details concerning this and the scheduled school trips. Please read the parentmail first before emailing the school.


School Update Regarding Coronavirus: Following the announcement from the Cobra meeting this afternoon, please be aware that the advice for self-quarantining for suspected coronavirus symptoms has now changed.


We are very grateful to the boys of Hampton School, who support our students with both empathy and humour!. They are a real credit to


Well done to our students who carried out their first practice expedition on Saturday at Boxhill. They planned their routes and tested their navigation skills. Mr Crossan said, "All did really well and worked together brilliantly as a team."


Did you know this? Happy Science Week from our Science department!

KS4 Overview

At Hampton High we are committed to ensuring students master the core subjects and enjoy a balanced curriculum. It is neither desirable, nor essential, for future career ambitions to over-specialise in specific subject areas. Therefore, we have developed an option system that offers students the right balance between breadth and specialism.

Key Stage 4 - Years 10 and 11

The Department for Education sets out a National Curriculum for core and “entitlement subjects". This gives students a broad curriculum and ensures that they are not disadvantaged by over specialised option choices. As a school we are not constrained by this curriculum, but will always make sure that students are fully prepared for the skills and knowledge they will need in order to succeed at key Stages 4 and 5.

Subject Choice

In choosing a suitable programme of subjects for Key Stage 4, students will need to consider the following aspects:

  • The requirements of a balanced curriculum
  • Subjects in which they have a keen interest, and have experienced a measure of success
  • Entry requirements for Higher Education institutions
  • The English Baccalaureate  

We recommend that all students should consider studying a language up to GCSE standard. In the case of new subjects not available during Key Stage 3, students should seek advice from subject teachers. Presentations will be given to the year group clarifying the nature of these subjects and providing guidelines for those contemplating their selection.

The procedure for making requests under the options programme is explained in the options booklet. Students are given the time to think about what subjects they would wish to study and then asked to complete an options form later in the year. Subject choices will be confirmed during the Summer Term. Students will be contacted earlier if there are difficulties with the combination of options chosen.

The options booklet will be handed out to students during the options evening early in the year.  

At key stage 3, 4 and 5 we have 29 period weeks with 10 registration periods. Each morning there is time for year group assemblies and tutor time activities.

The curriculum at key stage 4 (years 10 and 11)

The majority of students study our core curriculum and an additional four subjects from those on offer. 

Pupil periods for key stage 4 

Subject Y10 Y11
English 5 5
Mathematics 5 5
Science 5 or 8 5 or 8
Option Subjects 3  
PSHE 1  
PE 2  

GCSE Options

As you approach the end of Year 9 it is time to make some decisions about your future studies. You will also begin to think about what you would like to do in Year 12 and 13. Recent changes in government policy mean that all students must now stay in education, or work-based training, until they are 18.

At Hampton High we are committed to the concept of "breadth and balance" ›in Year 10 and 11, which can then become more specialised in Year 12 and 13. We have found it is unnecessary for future career ambitions to specialise in specific subject areas too early and that it is better to keep a broader choice of subjects at this stage. When choosing your subject it is more important to think about what you enjoy and where you have shown an aptitude. Your recent report should help to highlight this, or you can have a discussion with the relevant subject teacher.

Optional Subjects

Students choose four additional subjects from the following list.

History Drama
Geography Music
Religious Studies Media Studies
Separate Sciences (counts as one option choice) Art
French Food Technology

When to Make Option Choices  

You will be asked to complete an Options Choices Application Form in March/April of Year 9. We ask that each student selects one extra option that can be used if there is a problem with the combination of choices requested. Whilst we make every effort to enable as many students as possible to study the subjects they have requested we cannot guarantee meeting the exact preferences of individual children. Clearly the running of courses is dependent upon whether they are sufficiently subscribed, and the availability of specialist teachers. If there are any difficulties you will be informed as soon as possible.

Subject choices will be confirmed during the Summer Term but students will be contacted earlier if there are difficulties with the combination of options chosen.

How to Request Option Choices

On Monday 5 February you will receive a letter with details on how to request your Option Choices via SurveyMonkey which is an online survey tool that is password protected. Please follow this link which will take you to the Year 9 Options SurveyMonkey. 

Looking Beyond Year 11

Whilst the choices you make in Year 9 will shape your next two years at Hampton High, they will also have an impact on your options after Year 11. This may involve staying on at Hampton High Sixth Form, going to another college or gaining employment with training. In the UK there are qualifications at six different levels (see the table below) and in Year 10 you embark on courses that will begin to take you through these levels. It is important to know what opportunities will be available based on these choices.

Level 3

To progress onto A level courses or Level 3 vocational courses (e.g. BTEC Diplomas/ BTEC Nationals, Level 3 VRQs / NVQs) you will need to have at least 5 GCSE grades at grade 5 or above or equivalent grades on vocational courses.

Level 2

Where students have achieved at least 5 GCSE grades 4-1 they will be able to progress onto Level 2 courses (BTEC First Awards, Level 2 VRQ / NVQ, Level 2 NVQ, Trainees & Apprenticeships).

Going on to University  

If you are considering applying for a particular university course, you should check your GCSE choices will be suitable. In general, universities will be looking for students with good academic outcomes and outstanding study skills and habits. The Russell Group, which represents some of the UK's leading and many competitive universities, has published a guide to assist students with their decision making about post-16 education, called Informed Choices. They identify a number of A level subjects that are required more often than others for entry onto their degree courses. These subjects are: Mathematics/Further Mathematics, English Literature, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History and Languages (Classical & Modern).

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Posted on: 23/04/2020

The 2.6 Challenge As the London Marathon is not being run this year, charities are losing out on the money it would have received from all the fundraising the runners would have done. So, its time for Hampton High to step up to the challenge and it will take a Marathon effort from every one of us – staff, students and families! Over the weekend we would like you to take part in the following challenge: For 26 minutes we want you to record the number of times you can do one or a combination of the following exercises: Sit ups, Press ups, Squats or Star Jumps. When you have done send in your total number of reps to your tutor along with what exercise or activity you did by the end of Sunday via messaging on SMH. On Monday they will add together everyone’s score in the tutor group and we will work out which tutor group did the most! P.S if sport isn’t your thing, why not paint 26 pictures, or read 26 pages of your favourite book. Any thing you want to do really! (Work out a way to give a number for the challenge!) Some suggested ways you can do it… Get others in your tutor group or your friends to join you on a video chat and do it together Film yourself doing it to show your support! Get your family involved But remember – this is a fundraising challenge! We would also like you to donate what you can to our following fundraising page for The Trussell Trust which is a local charity helping our community! We suggest a donation of £2.60 to keep in the theme of the Marathon. Obviously, you need to get your parents permission first! If you would like more information about the Nation-Wide Challenge take a look at these links. The first one will take you directly to the official website
Posted on: 31/03/2020

Quiz an Astronaut

Helen Sharman was the first British astronaut and the first women to visit the Mir space station in 1991. Helen has a huge amount of experience in ‘isolation’ – being away from friends and family, having to find new ways to keep fit and healthy in a confined space and of course keeping motivated. She is keen to share her knowledge with young people across the borough. Helen will be creating a short video presentation for children and would like to be able to answer some video questions submitted by young people from the borough as part of this. Helen will NOT be able to use all videos – however, she will try and use as many as possible. If your child would like to take part, here is some guidance for submitting a video: They need to be filmed in landscape format (NOT portrait). They need to be short – no longer than 20 seconds long. The child needs to say their name (first name is fine), age and school at the start of the video. Ideally they are filmed just as a ‘headshot’ in a very quiet place so the sound is clear. The question needs to be in relation to Helen Sharman’s experience in space, and advice she can give children and young people about staying at home. The video can either be sent via email to: OR via Whats App to: 07877 148372. If emailed, please send in MP4 format. Elinor Firth is the Head of Communications for Richmond Council, who is co-ordinating with Helen. Parents need to understand that the videos will be used in a video presentation that will be shared on the Council’s website and on social media. The deadline for all videos is 10am on Monday 6th April. This should give the weekend for children to think about their questions and create their videos. Everyone who sends in a question will recieve a copy of the video. It may not be possible to contact all families to say whether their children’s questions have been answered