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Sixth Form students are organising Christmas Jumper day on Weds Dec 20th for charity . Cost is £1 to wear Christmas Jumper.


Y8 students have created Mosaics inspired by artists Kandinsky and Beatrice Milhazes.


For more exclusive video content from head over to our parents Facebook page. Search Hampton High Parents and click to join


And we are underway


Guest have arrived, stage is set, we are about to start


Our students visited neighbouring for a talk on ‘Fake News’ from journalist Grant Feller


Pupils from Buckingham and Hampton Juniors are arriving for our performance of Annie


Backstage at our performance of Annie to primary school pupils. Performance at 1pm.


The cast of Annie warming up before the performance to primary school pupils his afternoon


We will be tweeting live from the primary school performance of Annie from 1pm. Stay tuned!


Our Year 8 student Stan Curd


Getting in the festive spirit: our Christmas tree in reception.


Year 7 Ted Curd won goalkeeper of the tournament in Poznan, Poland with Chelsea this weekend.


The year 9 football team were victorious in the Richmond Borough 5-a-side tournament


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all warming up for the finale of the weekend. The assault course. Well done to all of the cadets, great effort all round.


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Huge thanks to renowned journalist and media consultant for today's fascinating Talk! on fake news and the importance of freedom of speech and an open debate


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- cadets from Hampton CCF ready to fly at 6AEF RAF Benson


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- great day for flying if not a bit grey.


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Poss ? Poss ? Definitely


More from the year 7 specialised cell project in biology class

Support for Students with SEND

Admissions and Transitions

Initial Admission to Hampton High

  • As with all admissions, please refer to the school and borough policies
  • We would encourage all parents of children with additional needs to refer to this link ( and visit the school to discuss the child’s needs with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) in order to inform your choice of school for your child.
  • It is important that all information regarding your child’s needs is included in the school application. The SENCo will use this information to support a smooth transition.
  • Once your child has been allocated a place, SENCo will contact you to plan your child’s transition into our school.  Where possible your child’s previous school will be contacted.

When moving classes in school

Information will be passed on to the new teacher IN ADVANCE and in most cases, a planning meeting will take place with the new teacher. All records will be shared with the new teacher.

Moving on to Sixth Form/College

Your child’s transition will be carefully planned and managed by staff from both settings. You and your child will be involved in this process.

Staff – roles and responsibilities

Class teachers input via excellent targeted classroom teaching also known as Quality First Teaching.

For your child this would mean that:

  • The teacher has the highest possible expectations for your child and all pupils in their class.
  • Class Teachers plan lessons taking into account the needs of all groups of children in their class, starting with what they already know, can do and can understand.
  • Teaching is adapted so that your child is fully involved in learning in class. This may involve things like using more practical learning strategies.
  • Additional strategies may be put in place to support your child to learn.
  • Class teachers may work with support staff to meet the needs of your child.
  • Specific resources and strategies may be used to support your child individually and in groups.

The Director of Inclusion (DoI)/SENCo are responsible for: 

  • Coordinating all the support for children with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) and developing the school’s SEND Policy to make sure all children get a consistent, high quality response to meeting their needs in school.
  • Ensuring that you are: 
    • involved in supporting your child’s learning
    • kept informed about the support your child is getting
    • involved in reviewing how they are doing
    • Ensuring that your child is involved in setting and reviewing targets.
    • Liaising with all the other people who may be coming into school to help support your child’s learning e.g. Speech and Language Therapy, Educational Psychology etc...
  • Updating the school’s SEND register (a system for ensuring all the SEND needs of pupils in this school are known)
  • Keeping up to date records of your child’s progress, needs and personalised support.
  • Providing specialist support for teachers and support staff in the school so they can help children with SEND in the school achieve the best progress possible.

The Headteacher is responsible for: 

  • The day to day management of all aspects of the school, this includes the support for children with SEND.
  • She will give responsibility to the DoI/SENCo and class teachers but is still responsible for ensuring that your child’s needs are met.
  • She must make sure that the Governing Body is kept up to date about any issues in the school relating to SEND.

The SEN Link School Council Member makes sure that the necessary support is made for any child who attends the school with SEND.

Teaching and Learning Assistants (TLAs)

TLAs will support your child, either by supporting in classes or by working with individuals or small groups outside the classroom.

Identification – progression of support

If you or staff have any concerns about your child’s progress or age appropriate development a meeting will be arranged. Additional strategies will be implemented.

  • Your child’s progress is continually monitored by his/her teachers.
  • His/her progress is reviewed formally regularly and a National Curriculum level given.
  • In a small number of cases, advice and support from outside agencies may be requested.
  • Following advice from outside agencies a request to the Local Authority for an Education Health Care Plan may be made.
  • The progress of children with an EHC Plan is formally reviewed at an Annual Review with all adults involved with the child’s education.

Support within school

  • The DoI/SENCo support class teachers in planning for children with SEND.
  • The school has a training plan for all staff to improve the teaching and learning of children including those with SEND. This includes whole school training on SEND issues.
  • Individual teachers and support staff attend training courses run by outside agencies that are relevant to the needs of specific children in their class.
  • The school Multi-agency Team (MAT) provide additional support to students. The team includes a social worker, a family and community support worker and targeted youth support worker.

Families and Schools are able to access the following additional external professionals through a referral process:

  • Educational Psychologist
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • School Nurse
  • Multi-Sensory Support Services
  • Educational Welfare Services
  • Social Services
  • Family Support Services
  • Children’s Counsellors
  • Primary Mental Health Services
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • Education Inclusion Team


  • The school budget, received from Richmond LA, includes money for supporting children with SEND.
  • The Headteacher decides on the budget for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in consultation with the School Council, on the basis of needs in the school.
  • The Headteacher and the DoI / SENCo discuss all the information they have about SEND in the school, and decide what resources/training and support is needed.
  • All resources/training and support are reviewed regularly and changes made as needed.
  • Additional funding and resources may be available for children with more complex needs.

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Posted on: 13/12/2017

Deputy Head Ms O’Brien explains teaching and learning at Hampton High

We believe that high quality teaching and learning is our most important priority to enable our students to enjoy and engage with their learning and ultimately achieve and exceed their expected progress levels. This summer’s improvements in results have proven how far we have come with this priority and it remains a key focus this year. We see ourselves as a learning community, not just the students but all staff. All our teachers have their own personal coaches who visit lessons weekly and give timely feedback on practice. We have weekly training sessions and morning workshops to share best practice and learn from other institutions where practice is seen as a strength. Many of our staff are involved in research so we can stay at the cutting edge of education.     In our teaching we try and plan for all learners so we can accurately match resources and activities to student needs. Students will see differentiation in lessons through the teachers’ approach to setting tasks. Students can engage with activities in one of three ways and the teacher will target the most suitable way for each individual. The teacher will also have stretch activities planned so that learners at all abilities can access some higher order thinking activities which should spark some further engagement and interest in the subject.   Teachers mark books regularly with detailed feedback and we encourage students to respond to our marking in green pen so we can see clear dialogue and improvements in books. Members of the Senior Leadership team and Middle Leaders carry out regular learning walks and book scrutinies to ensure these good practices and our high expectations are being met across the school. Homework on SMH has started well and we can already see a greater homework completion rate.