Holocaust Memorial Day

Posted on: 04/02/2022
Our Year 9s commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day with a visit via Zoom from a group of educators from the Richmond Synagogue and listened to a talk from a Holocaust survivor, Annick, who escaped from Nazi-occupied France in 1944 as a very young baby. The students also took part in a small workshop examining the discriminatory laws and policies that led up to the Holocaust and had the chance to ask the speaker some questions about her account. Lastly, at the end of the session, 12 students were picked to light memorial candles at the front of the auditorium that burn for 24 hours. We were incredibly impressed with the maturity shown by Year 9 throughout the online visit and the Richmond team are keen to book us in for the future. 
The students had the opportunity to write a postcard to Annick, responding to what she had said. These are what some of the student's wrote:
Eliza - "Dear Annick, hearing your story has made me think about how real it was, it has made me really reflect on my family in the Netherlands who were alive during the war. My Oma was born in hiding and I really want to ask my dad more about their experiences. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story today."
Prim - "The Holocaust wasn't just concentration camps, death camps and mass murder sites. There were many laws put in place to segregate and discriminate against Jewish people. Families were split apart to try and keep people safe. Thank you for having the bravery to tell your story, it has helped young people to try and understand what happened."
Mia - "What you went through at less than a year old must have been very confusing and scary, especially to not know what happened to your mother for all those years. It has put into perspective how many people, young and old had to go through only because of their religion. Thank you so much for coming today."
Jenny P - "What you and other people went through was devastating. Thank you for sharing your story with me. It was heart-breaking to know how people felt during that time of the holocaust."
Daisy - "You were really lucky to survive what happened to you and all of what happened to the 6.5 million Jews being murdered for literally no reason. How they were killed and the conditions they were kept in is horrendous. Thank you so much for telling your story to so many of us and I promise to try and tell it as well as you when I am older and even have children of my own."
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