School Production Of Oliver JR

Posted on: 16/12/2021

Last week we had our whole school production of Oliver! and what a week it was!

We started auditions on Tuesday 14 September with the final performance on 6, 7, 8 and 9 December. The Performing Arts Team always knew this would be a challenge but we wanted to make sure we could create this opportunity for our students after so many missed and cancelled performances.

As our last set of whole school production auditions were September 2018, so we were not sure what kind of talent we would find as the last time Year 11 were auditioned, they were in Year 8. Well, we didn’t need to worry because we were so overwhelmed by the talent that we had to double cast Nancy, Oliver, and Dodger because we just couldn’t decide.

The students’ were amazing in the auditions and the rehearsals; they were so supportive of each and helped everyone learnt their lyrics and songs. We hired costumes from Thespis Costume Hire who are an incredible company. They aim to give students the most professional experience possible, and they really did.

The students’ performed to sold out audiences and received standing ovations. The show was completely student-led by our Technical Team who operated the sound and lighting and made sure all set changes were smooth. The performances were wonderful, but the best thing about the show was the energy, commitment and the wonderful friendships that had been formed. As a teacher, it is the most rewarding experience to watch students build in confidence and do something they are so proud of. We are all so very proud of you and cannot wait to see what you do next!

Thank you to all the staff, students and parents who made this possible - we are proud to have produced a performance (in a pandemic) which has brought so much joy to so many.

Have a wonderful Christmas and watch this space!

Mrs Jones

We asked the cast and crew to write about what the production has meant to them. Here is what they had to say:

“Being in Oliver has been amazing - it’s been so much fun, and it’s given me so much confidence. The staff are great, it’s amazing having something to work towards and putting together a play is so exciting!” - Abi E


“Doing Oliver has been the best experience; it’s really helped me make friends and settle into Hampton High. I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it.” - Tom C


“Not only have I met so many talented individuals, but I have also met made many new friends. It’s amazing to share a passion with so many other people together. Oliver wouldn’t be Oliver without this cast!” - Lou O


“This has been such a fun experience for me everyone has been so much fun and kind. I would like to say thank you to all the teachers who put in so much work or the students, so thank you everyone!” - Rachel W


Monday 6  and Wednesday 8 December

  • Oliver: Wyatt G
  • Nancy: Scarlett R
  • Artful Dodger: Mads B

Tuesday 7 and Thursday 9 December

  • Oliver: Tom C
  • Nancy: Daisy L
  • Artful Dodger: Abi E

All performances:

  • Fagin: Alby S
  • Bill Sikes: Fred K
  • Mr Bumble: Freddie B
  • Widow Corney: Madeleine R
  • Mr Brownlow: Tom A
  • Mrs Bedwin: Daisy K
  • Bet: Lou O
  • Mrs Sowerberry: Simran K
  • Mr Sowerberry: Jack R
  • Charlotte: Matilda A
  • Noah: Elliot J
  • Charlie Bates: Louis C
  • Matron: Amelie F
  • Bow Street Runners: Lisa M and Oona K
  • Lamplighter: Patrick W
  • Old Sally: Vianna M
  • Nipper: Isla G
  • Rose Seller: Zara A, Kiera S
  • Strawberry Seller: Lisa M, Emily W
  • Milkmaid: Matilda A, Lilly H
  • Knife Grinder: Jack R
  • Dr Grimwig: Sam C

Lower School Ensemble

  • Lina H
  • Ruby Y
  • Jemma J
  • Melissa C
  • Ruby R
  • Lily K
  • Nuala J
  • Harjan B
  • Isla G
  • Sofia B
  • Erin K
  • Kitty F
  • Elizabeth R
  • Benjamin T
  • Florence G
  • Klara S
  • Rachel W
  • Elsa M
  • Louis C
  • Connie S
  • Tom C
  • Wyatt G
  • Jack R
  • Elsa J
  • Rumeysa D
  • Rosie K
  • Freya A-H

Upper School Ensemble

  • Louise O
  • Matilda A
  • Daisy L
  • Elliot J
  • Patrick W
  • Scarlett R
  • Kiera S
  • Zara A
  • Emily W
  • Vianna M
  • Madeline R
  • Mads B
  • Lilly H
  • Daisy K
  • Abi E
  • Freddie B
  • Tom A
  • Sam C
  • Simran K
  • Amelie F
  • Oona K
  • Lisa M

Stage Management

  • Amelia S
  • Lara O
  • Kiahna A
  • Ilana T-C
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